Resources- links about figure skating

Xan's favorite skating blogs:
A former show skater with an attitude: Ice Charades
Hockey Mom with toe picks: Ice Pact 
A champions' mom (if your kid competes, read this): Life on the Edge 
A former champion's mom:  Raising Skaters
An adult skater with a sense of humor: The Ice Doesn't Care 
The Executive Director of the Professional Skaters Association: Over the Edge 
There are skate dads?: l.a. skate dad 
Currently in archive, but really worth the read: Ice Mom  
Indepth videos on skating issues and skills: ManleyWoman Skatecast
Skating mom with a wicked outlook: Josette Plank 
Figure skating etiquette and great costume advice: Figure Skating Advice
A fan who pays attention (and one of my favorite Xanboni followers): Gordon's Sk8erBoi Blog
Daily aggregator of skating news: Blazing Blades 
Practical advice and skating news: Rainbo Sports

Fan favorites:
Wicked commentary on elite competitions: Aunt Joyce's Ice Cream Stand
Straight commentary (and videos) on elite competitions: Flutzing Around
Deep into fandom, a blog about Morosov's and other elite skaters: Morozombie
Amusing one-off posts about starting to skate as an adult: Day 1, Swizzles, Cross overs
Adult skater navel-gazing (we do that alot): Figure Skating Journal
Comprehensive stats, rules, you name it: Lifeskate
A newbie parent gives practical advice from ground (ice?) level: Figure Skating Parent's Guide
Want to know what a low level comp looks like? Strangely compelling family videos: AnonyFamily Vlog
A website/hangout for adult figure skaters, "come and join us for a virtual hot chocolate!" International Adult Skaters
A reader starts blogging her progress! Thrills and Spills 
A new blog from an adult skater down under. Some issues are universal! Change of Edge

Currently in archive:
He tells it like it is (on competitive skaters): Mr. Zamboni Man
Competition updates and reviews: Axels Loops and Spins 
Great practical skating advice: Ice Mom  



  1. love Xanboni and all the other blogs too!! :)

    1. Thank you! Let me know of any great skating blogs I've missed!

  2. Hi Xan,

    Thanks so much for listing as one of your favourites! That means a lot!
    Happy holidays,

  3. Ice Mom's Domain is for sale. Sadly, she is no longer even in archive.