Skate with Xan!

I love working with early childhood, beginners, and special needs. If you'd like to skate with us, I can set up Xanboni classes for tots and homeschoolers mid mornings at  Winnetka Ice Arena or Wilmette Centennial Ice Arena. Please contact me for exact times.

Classes run in 5 week sessions, with a maximum class size of 5. All classes are mixed-level, and students may join at any time. School year fee is $55 to $75 for 5 weeks, payable at the first class.  Ice fee and skate rental (if needed) extra. Summer fee available on request. Ages 5 to teen; beginners and special needs welcome. Parents can skate too, for a small additional fee.

Private lessons also available Beginner through Pre-Preliminary/FS 3.

Regular lessons and home school classes meet Illinois State Learning Standards for Physical Development, goals 19 and 20. 

For more information, email

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I also recommend North Suburban Special Recreation and the SPICE program at Northbrook Ice Arena on Saturday mornings during the school year. If you have a child with diagnosed developmental needs, either emotional, mental, or physical, call for information 847.509.9400.


  1. Xan

    Much as I would love to bring my daughter to your classes we are on the wrong continent! Any chance of a set of tips and tricks for teaching the basic moves to 5 year olds? Esp there is a two footed turn from front glide to back and vice versa that I just can't find a way to explain so that she can understand!

  2. Here's a couple of posts about working with little kids. I see that I haven't done one in a while, so I'll write something about parents working with kids. As far as turning-- have her glide slowly forward; while she's gliding tell her to look over her shoulder THEN turn her feet WITHOUT turning her shoulders. It can help to hold one hand reaching in front of her, and one hand reaching back so that the only thing she can do to turn is turn her feet. Just to reassure, this is a confusing move for 5 year olds.