May 23, 2010

Conversation at the ice show

Parent: "My coach says Synchro is for kids who can't skate."
Me: "Did those girls look like they can't skate?"


  1. The Sapphires kicked butt! I've never seen the synchro teams in action before, and anyone who says they can't skate is cwazy.

    Have you guys tried CO2 fog rather than conventional fog machines? (I'm not trying to be a stalker, I have genuine concerns for safety with theatrical fog and I can't find an email address to write privately.) When the fog machine went off (Sunday), there was a big burst of fog that hovered off the ice right at face level for the older skaters. I was terrified that the girl who got stuck right in that unmoving cloud couldn't see. CO2 fog is cold and will not get stuck hovering above the cold ice, it will hug the ice. Even if someone falls, so long as they get up quickly there's no worry about oxygen displacement. You guys could pull off a great light CO2 fog with just house fans, buckets of warm water and CO2 chunks. I work in theatre, and I've done a lot of great and terrible things with fog. Not being able to see because of a fog machine that just does OMG FOGGGGG is awful.

  2. I'll pass it along, or you should talk to Rick Ziebarth, who runs the fog machine. The high humidity in the rink affects any of the artificial fogs, and there have been problems before we that face-level stuff. It's supposed to hover about 3 feet off the ice, but somehow it always goes too high. Smells weird too.

  3. Or I could just help out at the next show. I wasn't sure how to get involved with this one since we are so new. Most artificial fog smells odd, even the "unscented."

    But yeah, Synchro Skaters can totes skate!!

  4. If your skater is in the show, make sure your email address is on the form and you'll get an email (in fact, several emails) suggesting that you volunteer, and instructions on how to do that.