Sep 11, 2011

I'd rather be figure skating

I used to work full time in a downtown office.

It was a pretty fancy job--I mean, it was a cubicle, but I made fairly serious money, and I had a long title, and people worked for me. I dressed nice and made reports, and talked rich people into giving me money (I guess I still kinda do that).

And then one day, out of a clear bright sky, the world changed.

The day after, September 12, 2001, I looked at a sign posted on the wall of that cubicle. It said "I'd rather be figure skating."

And 3 months later I walked out of that cubicle and into an ice rink as figure skating professional.


  1. And you'd still rather be figure skating like day one. Xan you are amazing!

  2. That's inspiring ... skating is lucky to have you!

  3. This is really a great, inspiring story. Thank you for sharing.