Oct 25, 2011

A response to "Master"

Earlier today, several comments were made on the "Skatism" post that are libelous and untrue. I feel the need to respond to this in order to reassure my readers that my credentials are real and that I have never misrepresented myself as anything other than what I am: An adult skater who discovered a passion and talent for teaching this marvelous sport, and has worked hard to achieve the credentials I need to pursue this profession.
Your daughter Nora never even competed regionals, much less the "national" competitions you claim she has.
Nora competed in Ice Dance at Regionals, where she qualified for and skated in Junior Nationals 2006. She never competed, nor was interested in competing, in singles at the qualifying level, nor have I ever claimed this. Also, leave my daughter out of it, please.
“She passed only up to freestyle 7 and took a few USFSA test. “
Nora passed her ISI FS8 test and then stopped testing ISI. She has passed the gold USFS tests in Moves, FS and Dance, Intermediate Free Dance, and one international dance (Silver Samba). This is a matter of fact and record, easily confirmed. Also, leave my daughter out of this, you pig.
"Xanboni" tried to pass her USFSA Master Rated in group class test several times. oh and i left out she failed the test SEVERAL times
I have not yet attempted the Master Group rating although I have attended the PACE seminar at the Master level twice. I passed Registered, Certified, and Senior Group all on the first try. Again, this is a matter of record. Feel free to have your attorney contact mine for a copy of the documentation. I would be happy to have PSA, ISI, and USFS send letters with my entire skating history on them.

I am flummoxed by the vitriol exhibited here, and would love to know why this person feels the need to try to destroy my career and my credibility. If this person had the courage to comment with their name and contact information, like many of my commentors do, I would consider these falsehoods to be actionable.

I'm just trying to live my life here folks. I'm trying to share my passion, and inform parents and skaters so that they don't have to keep reinventing the wheel, or the ice rink, as it were.

I am extremely concerned about this apparent hatred, as my daughter and my students continue to skate with my old program, where I assume this person is from. It was to protect them from this sort of vitriol that I cut all ties with the program, including finding new coaches for all of my students. This was a wrenching decision, as I was part of that program for nearly 20 years, as a parent, student, and coach. If I learn that anyone there is targeting them in any way, I will consider legal action.


  1. Haters gonna hate, Xan.

    Don't worry. We're a smart bunch. You have nothing to prove.

    You're awesome. :-)

  2. We dont care what they say, we dont believe them. I am sorry that someone has so little of a life that they feel the need to do this to you. You dont deserve it.
    You rock, Xan!!

  3. While all of the personal attacks and accusations are appalling, and the attacks on Xan's daughter are so far below the belt that they hit the kneecap, what really annoyed me on a personal level was this comment:

    "Ice dance isn't figure skating so what right does she have to teach about FIGURE skating?"

    Ummmm, first of all, since USFSA governs ice dance as a subdiscipline of figure skating, it IS figure skating. Secondly, since most of the discussion on this blog is about introductory levels and newer skaters, rink culture, and random skating stuff in general I don't see how it much matters if the coach has a background in dance skating or in freeskating. I would imagine anyone who has been credentialed has the ability to coach students at the level discussed on the blog. Thirdly, if you are going to be persnickety about definitions, then figure skating requires the skating of actual FIGURES, and I would love to ask "Master" how many hours a week they spend standing around watching their students carve some perfect paragraph brackets into the ice. Lastly, being a figure skater AND a dance skater (on wheels, but just the same), I take offense to the implication that figure skating (by which I assume the implication is actually freeskating) is somehow superior to dance skating. They are different skills and the notion that one is somehow superior to the other is ridiculous.

    Ok, I will stop there. The rant could continue, but I shouldn't waste my time with it...

  4. This malicious person is spectacularly incompetent at it. Attracting disruptive people on the internet is a sign of popularity.

  5. I'm not at your rink and so I don't know the situation there. But I read Master's comments. They have the .... flavor.... of a teen and not a very old one. The lack of knowledge about skating ('ice dance isn't figure skating'), the brutal rudeness, and the personal attack on your daughter, struck me as typical of that age group. I would guess if you ever find out who it is, it's a kid who's overheard adult conversations, maybe the comments of a coach or skate mom. The lack of knowledge about figure skating rules indicate someone new to the sport.

    If I was a detective I'd be looking for a teen, been skating less than 18 months, has a private coach, is obsessed with the sport, but not very knowledgeable. Perhaps you've crossed swords with her coach who's complained in her presence. Ring any bells?

  6. if it is a teen and your daughter still skates there, I suggest you go there every time and watch like a hawk. Do the body guard thing (I did when there was a little bully at the rink) This person obviously has jealosy issues.

  7. Anon, thanks. She grew up at that rink; they've been pulling this crap on her her whole life. She's got good coping strategies, starting with she's a better and more accomplished skater than any of them.

  8. I haven't read in a few weeks - I'm really sorry you have got attention from someone who has really disrupted your life.

    I have found your blog to be very helpful.

  9. I hope this doesn't stop you from posting. I am a "newbie" skating mom and was glad when I came across your site. It has been very informative and I look forward to your posts.