Feb 14, 2012

We have a winner!

You may recall I promised a t-shirt!

The winner is "AMS"- your prize is a "That Mom" t-shirt, except I think you're a guy, so if you'd rather, you can get a water bottle or tote bag (comparable cost to me) or I can generate you a regular t-shirt with the Xanboni logo.

I chose the winner by listing all commenters to the blog during Four Continents, except "Anonymous" (just make something up folks. I can't track or identify you.) and using the widget at random.org to generate a winner.

AMS, send your shipping information to coachxan@xanboni.com, choice of  t-shirt, bag or bottle, and t shirt size. Congratulations!

Readers, I'll do these contests from time to time, and may add twitter followers as well, so keep watching and commenting!


  1. I didn't realize I'd entered. I would look really silly in a "That Mom" T-shirt, especially at a certain ice rink...

    1. Maybe we need a new design: "Caution. Adult Onset Skater" ;)