Oct 6, 2013

Happy Anniversary!

Just wanted to pop in quickly and say Happy Birthday to Xanboni. I put up my first post on this day in 2009, and I have lots more to say (albeit more infrequently than in the past).

The best part of the blog is the great friends I've made online, so shout out to Blue Eyed Cat, Jeff Chapman (LA Skate Dad), Josette Plank, Maria Mom of 2, a couple of Anons whose voices I now recognize, Jenny from Ice Charades, the late lamented Ice Mom (blog, as far as I know, Ice Mom herself is fine), "St. Lidwina," and many many others.

Let me know your favorite posts from the past 4 years in the comments!



(P.S. Thanks, http://www.claryandersonarena.com/ for the image!)


  1. I got a should out!! Really though, I spent a lot of time trying to find a good skating blog to follow. Yours is top notch. I cannot choose a favorite post though. Too many to choose from.

    1. I feel the same way :-)
      Maria, mom of 2 skaters

  2. Hi Xan,

    Thanks so much for the kind words! It's quite a challenge to keep a blog going for four years; on my software blog I pooped out after two years and nowadays just recycle the older posts. And indeed although skating is a big passion l only feel I've got another six months of originality left in me on L.A. Skatedad . . . after all there's only so much you can write about! And geesh you have written 428 posts!

    I really appreciate all of your writing; there are lots of fan sites and several former skaters who post opinionated pieces, but very few folks seem to be writing with an eye toward promoting actual skating skills and addressing the social issues of rink life, geared toward young learners. I wish I had these posts when my daughter was still skating:








    And those are just the ones from your first three months. Keep up the great writing and bless you for helping kids (and parents) in a great sport!


  3. http://xan-boni.blogspot.com.au/2013/06/baby-pairs-and-dance.html

    Too cute for words. Timely too as the post came out as another skating mum and I were chatting. Her young son has been invited to try dance, pairs and synchro. He's having a blast so she's happy to support it all.

    Second choice = the post about parents preparing for lessons =http://xan-boni.blogspot.com.au/2012/08/how-does-parent-plan-for-lesson.html Why? because Xan liked my comment : )

  4. I just found your blog this summer since we are new to the figure skating world. I have really enjoyed sifting through the archived posts - many of which have struck a chord with me. I keep referring to this one - just about on a weekly basis. ;)


    My only complaint is that I wish you would post more often. ;) Thanks, Xan!

  5. Xan, I love reading your blog, and to be honest there are so many posts I like that I don't think I can choose a favorite.

  6. My favourite posts are with the label goalsetting. (May be precisely because I am not quite sure yet what my kids' long-term goals are going to be?) I love them all!

    Maria, mom of 2 skaters: FreeSkate 4 and pre-pre

  7. I get such a chuckle from the discussion/discussions of proper attire, particularly undergarments, for skaters. There are certainly are a lot of strong opinions on all sides. Who would of guessed that your post http://xan-boni.blogspot.com/2011/10/what-not-to-wear.html
    would have led to such a lively discussion.

  8. LOVE your blog and so happy to count you as an Internet friend. The discussions on your blog have made me think, ponder, and laugh out loud. Not a lot of people in my "real life" understand the particulars of being a skating sports parent, and your blog is a great place to come for support, hand-holding and guidance.

    Thank you for all that you do!

    And yes, the undergarment conversations were some of the best discussions on the Internet on any topic, lol!

  9. Congrats on your anniversary!!

    I'll ditto the nomination of the knickers post, plus add the one titled Baby Pairs (since 2 of my beginner skaters have aspirations to skate pairs together). I found that one by searching your blog for "pairs". :-)

  10. I like the ones about adult skaters. No one else writes about us, we have to write about ourselves and we don't have the knowledge a coach has.

  11. Xan, I'm sorry I'm a little behind on reading posts (and I couldn't do that from my cell phone while I was in the hospital). Happy Birthday - job well done. Looking forward to reading more - love, Jenny

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