Aug 24, 2011

Xanboni Camp- Day 2: Why do ice rinks have high ceilings

B: So you don't bump your head

C: For tall people

E: so if they puck goes flying really high, it doesn't break the light

C-J: so you can't put your fingers in them

N: so you can't go inside the lights

S: so you can't climb on them

S again: so they don't melt the ice

E again: so the stands can go high

A picture of the lights by Miss E:


  1. Your skater's drawing reminds me of the suspended lights at the old hockey arena at the University of Minnesota. They filmed parts of the original Ice Castles there. They used Williams Arena as the setting for Lexie's return to competition after her tragic accident. When I watch the movie now, I can't believe how odd those lights look--talk about tall ceilings in that building!

    You can see the arena and Lynn-Holly Johnson's performance on YouTube: Alexis "Lexie" Winston - 1978 Midwestern Section Regionals (US) LP "Through the Eyes of Love"

    (I'm an extra in the stands somewhere.)

    When my daughter was 11 we watched Ice Castles together. I was shocked by the language! Disney's influence has really been responsible for sanitizing the language of "family" movies.

  2. Thanks for answering Xan! I'm sorry it took so long for me to respond. Good ideas from the kids. I think the point about the hockey puck may be very true. :) How is Xanboni Camp going?