Aug 22, 2011

Xanboni Camp, Day One: Why twins should dress alike

Okay that was intense. Five hours with kids of varying levels, ages 5 to 9. Forget the ice skating: here's the story they came up with during story time. It's a round robin game, so everyone contributes one sentence or phrase at a time (as best as I can remember it).
Once upon a time there was a skater who liked nachos. He went to outer space. He blasted off in a space ship and then came back. He met a girl and then they went to the beach, where they met a bird.

Who liked nachos.

So they ate the nachos and they got sick. They went to the doctor, and he gave them medicine and they got healed, but then they got sick, so the doctor told them to rest. So they went to sleep and they dreamed.

About nachos.

The end.
Oh, twins should dress alike so they don't have tug of wars over the pink shorts. Just sayin'.


  1. The Same AnonymousAugust 23, 2011 at 6:31 AM

    LOL Xan. How long is this camp? Sounds crazy, but fun at the same time!

    This isn't exactly skating-related, but I thought you might know from being around rinks for so long. Why do ice rinks have such high roofs? Obviously they need to be slightly raised to allow for pairs lifts etc, but all the rinks I've been to have roofs which are about 10m (30ft+) or higher! Nobody jumps THAT high.

    Wouldn't it be more efficient to have lower roofs, because they we wouldn't have to pay for power to cool this huge empty area of air above the rink? The only reason I can think of is that, structurally, you can't have columns in the middle of an ice rink so the roof must be a certain height to match its width (if that makes sense). But even then, it seems excessive just HOW high rink roofs are. Places like supermarkets, for example, are comparable sizes to rinks, don't have columns in the middle, and have relatively low roofs. Has anyone ever seen a rink with a lower roof?

  2. Actually, yes I've been in rinks with lower roofs, and they feel very claustrophobic! The possible reason for high roofs might be: you can fit in more bleachers; air circulation (rinks are notoriously unhealthy places--lots of fumes and mold); keeping the ice surface cold (hot air rises, if your ceiling is farther away, it's farther from the ice surface); and tradition.

  3. Most really big supermarkets do have high ceilings. I think it's exactly because low ceilings in large areas don't feel well: you'd kind of have a feeling that the ceiling is going to fall down...

  4. Two summers ago I seriously considered doing a week's summer camp with kids, the "kids" time held me back, lol.

    Looking forward to the adults' version of skating camp (namely half-day clinic) this coming Saturday. Nachos during break? haha.