Nov 22, 2014

Follow Xanboni!

Don't forget I'm on Facebook and Twitter!

You'll get a lot more content, more regularly. On Facebook I like memes, skating news, and skating friends, as well as posting great content from some of my favorite blogs (see the resources page). I'm perfectly happy with "blog whoring" on there too-- if you know, or write, a great skating blog or site, post it! (I won't lie, it's the only place where I sometimes go a little fangirl.)

On Twitter I'm more intermittent, but I "live tweet" most championship-level competitions like the Grand Prix series, Nationals, etc that are on Ice Network, plus other competitions that I'm able to find streams that haven't been blocked by the money-men.

So come on, hundreds of Twitter followers, and thousands read this blog each month-- join me there too!

See you online!

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