Nov 8, 2014

Where did Xanboni go?

Many of you know that I also have another profession-- I operate a consulting firm advising small and start-up nonprofits, which, miraculously and wonderfully, has gradually crept up to full time. A little over a year ago, combined with difficult life and health issues, something had to give, and as those of you who write blogs know, blogging is time consuming and hard.

Xanboni wasn't the only blog I write that suffered. Not Dabbling in Normal was also a casualty.

But the fans keep finding me.

On Facebook, on Twitter, by email, and yes, in the lobby of the ice rink.

So I'm planning some intermittent posts, aiming for about one per month. Because I'm only teaching about an hour a week now, my finger is not quite as much on the pulse as it was, but I'm just as opinionated as ever, so I welcome suggestions for posts.

In the meantime, watch for When Should Your Child Start Coaching- a Guide for Parents next week, and A New Approach to Exhibitions around Thanksgiving.


  1. My post suggestion would be, in your opinion, how will the PSA amended code of ethics affect coaches and skating families.

  2. About freakin' time is what I say. Post suggestion in the queue! Here's the new rule:

  3. Sorry about the health issues, but glad to see you back. We needed a voice of skating sanity on the web.

    1. Probably the only time someone has used the modifier "sane" to describe me, lol.