Nov 24, 2009

Coaches ethics

You knew this one would follow!

The idea of ethics for coaches seems more intuitive than ethics for parents. But I think in both instances it can be summed up in the famous Google phrase:

Don't be evil

Members of the Professional Skaters Association, which right now is every coach who takes students to qualifying US Figure Skating events, or who has students going through testing, must adhere to both a set of professional guidelines, and a code of ethics. These have to do primarily with obvious things like
  • avoid criminal behavior
  • if you think it's wrong it probably is
  • leave the other guy's student alone
  • don't teach beyond your expertise
I also like the attitude espoused at the Positive Coaching Alliance, especially their common sense attitude about what a goal is, through the idea of the double-goal coach. A double-goal coach likes to win (who doesn't), but more importantly, wants the athlete to learn not only to exhibit good sportsmanship, but to live it. To congratulate the winner, and mean it. To accept not just defeat, but also victory gracefully. To honor the game and not the trophy.

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