Nov 21, 2009

Zombie Apocalypse: Tales from the Nutcracker

Well, mouse zombies, anyway.

Subbed for the Battle Scene rehearsal last night because the regular coaches were out of town (including Chris Hyland, busy supervising Chris and Angel's silver medal in Juvenile Dance at Mids!). Because I'm not the regular coach, I didn't want to add or change any choreography, just wanted to clean it up, keep it fresh and punch up the details, one of which is the acting.

The Battle Scene is the first part of Clara's dream in Act 1, where the enchanted Nutcracker and the toy soldiers battle the evil Mouse King (or in our case, usually, since it's skaters, Mouse Queen) and his/her mice. The soldiers were easy enough-- got them to march in unison and showed them how to stand at both attention and parade rest, which they were pretty into. However, I couldn't get the other girls to be mice-y enough, until I got the brainstorm to tell them to be Zombie Mice. This worked brilliantly. Most Evil Mice Evar.

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