Nov 12, 2009

Good luck Angel and Chris!

A dance team from our rink is on its way in a few days to "Mids," US Figure Skating Midwest Sectional competition, which is the qualifying competition for Nationals (or in Chris & Angel's case, Junior Nationals).

Chris was one of my very first students; I'd have to ask his mother how old he was when I took him on-- maybe 8, and in a learn to skate level, Alpha or Beta. I took him through Freestyle 1 or 2. Unlike most coaches, I will only take students from the Learn to Skate levels--I never start a freestyle student--and I only take them through the lower freestyle levels. This is because I don't do testing or competitions as both a personal preference and because I also have a second full-time job, so I don't have the hours I would need to devote to more competitive or ambitious students. (I also taught Angel in classes through Delta, and their coach is my very good friend and mentor Chris Hyland.)

In the decade or so that I've taught privates I've had nearly 100 students. They come they go, they move to other coaches or other rinks or other activities. But there are some students that I've just never really let go of, and Chris is one of them. So, guys, I'm really proud of you, and I know you will rock. Have a great time.

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