Dec 10, 2009

Don't forget, skating is fun

There are 48 skaters in each discipline in the entire country that are considered by US Figure Skating to be "elite" This means (with pairs and dance comprising 2 skaters, and elite defined as Novice, Junior, and Senior) that of the 50,000 serious recreational and competitive skaters in the US, something less than 1,000 of them will skate at the top level. It might be your child. You should aim for it if that's what the child wants. But until they are skating Novice in the final round at nationals, you have to keep this in perspective, and do what is right for the child and not for the skating career.

For 49,000 skaters it's just skating. So the goal needs to be fun, and happiness. Take this with you into your next conversation with a coach.

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