Dec 31, 2009

Happy New Year

I always joke "I don't want to run things, I just want everyone to do what I say." How did it take me so long to discover blogging? As we close 2009, I want to first say thank you to the small community that is taking root here, for your support and your wisdom and your promotion of this blog. After a disastrous autumn at my day job it was wonderful to have this refuge and conversation to come to.

So thank you, keep it going. I'd love to hear from more of you, more often. Use the comments, follow me on Twitter, make a recipe and tell me how you liked it. A friend told me yesterday that he took exception with a point in one of my posts: bring it on! I know a lot about this, and I have very decided opinions, but my mind is open and I view life as a journey. If I don't learn new things, go new places, or encounter new viewpoints every day, well, the day's not done.

I came late to skating and to teaching, and it changed my life, which is why I feel so strongly the transformative power of this sport. It transformed me. Here's to another year on the journey, and continued transformation.

Thank you everyone.

My 2010 figure skating and coaching resolutions:
  • To finally decide whether to go for the Master Group Rating, or to wait for PSA to come to their senses and create a Master level in Basic Skills/developmental coaching.
  • To start lobbying PSA to create a Master level in Basic Skills/developmental coaching.
  • Nag Hyland to get his ratings.
  • To be able to skate, credibly, the Second Test Figures (we'll save "to a testable level" for another time).
  • To give management the benefit of the doubt.
  • To improve my high-freestyle teaching chops
  • To get at least 50 followers for Xanboni! (You guys have to help me with that!)

Thanks, IcePact for the inspiration


  1. I follow you on RSS so while I'm not on your list, I do follow you and read every post. One more on your way to 50! GREAT blog!!!

  2. Nice post! And how cool to think I gave you a little inspiration. Hope you're able to hit every one of your resolutions. It's been great connecting with you through our blogs. Looking forward to reading more great stuff from you in 2010. Cheers and Happy New Year!

  3. Well you've got 9 followers so far, and I'm sure you'll get plenty more in 2010 - Happy New Year (just watching the London fireworks on TV as the UK has just entered the new year).
    Best wishes