Dec 10, 2010

If someone says there's bad "chi", then there's bad "chi"

It all started with one of the pros going all skating mom on the poor photographer's assistant. (Um, if they say that was me, don't listen to them, they have no idea what they are taking about.)

The lighting guys used too many headset channels, leaving one station with no way to communicate. (Maybe semaphore?)

Freestyle 1 girls had been practicing to the wrong music. So had the Polchinelles. For 6 weeks.

Turned out the tot helpers couldn't help, because then they didn't have time to set up for their own number. (Tots however, were awesome, inasmuch as they made it off before their music ended. This may be a first for a dress rehearsal.)

A record 12 groups had to do reskates.

Not one of the scheduled dressing room volunteers actually showed up on time.

Oh, the bad chi? The flower service had hung stars over the office entrance so that the points were aimed straight down at anyone standing at the window, or entering the door. In feng shui they call these "poison arrows" and they concentrate bad chi energy. When I saw it on Wednesday I told him he was going to have to change them.

Always listen to your Xanboni.


  1. A bad dress rehearsal typically indicates a great run. Keep your chin up, they all looked cute to me.

  2. Next post will be about the good stuff! But I can't resist a funny gripe. ;)

  3. Hey, griping makes the world go 'round. Can't wait to hear about the Good Stuff that I missed.