Jan 22, 2012

How about a contest?

UPDATE: EXTENDED DEADLINE! Submit your slogan or design by January 27!

I've been trying to think of something to do for US Nats. I was thinking about setting up a give- away for each event, and contact a bunch of merchants for swag, but wow, lotta work. Maybe next year.

So how about a contest? Come up with a skating design or slogan for a tshirt (or other product) for the Xanboni CafePress store, like this one submitted by Why Me, St. Lidwina.  All submissions will be published on Xanboni, unless you ask otherwise! The winners of course will get the item, which will be featured in the store, and will get 50% of profits on sales (likely 50¢ per item, so don't plan your retirement yet).

Winner will be announced during the medal ceremony for the Ladies Singles Event at the US Figure Skating Championships, which I think is around 6PT, 4CT, 3ET on January 28 (details are still a little sketchy. Ice Network has us on a need-to-know basis).

Here's the rules:
1. Send a pdf of your design to coachxan@xanboni.com by 5 p.m. January 27 (extended). I'll tweet and blog and Facebook the submissions during Nationals.

2. Three winners: Best Design for a kid's product, judges' fave, popular fave. Watch the blog for the popular faves poll during Nationals.

2. You must include complete contact information including name, mailing address, and phone.  This information will be discarded once the contest is complete.

3. Design can be graphics or text. The Xanboni logo will be added to the final product unless already included in the submission design. Designs cannot incorporate commercial logos, names of established organizations, trademarks or trademarked phrases, or inappropriate images or language (and I get to decide what is inappropriate).  Quotes are acceptable, as they fall under "fair use" rules.

4. Design can be on any figure skating topic--free skate, figures, show, pairs, dance, moms, coaches, whatever!

5. Winner retains the copyright to any graphic image submitted, and grants Xanboni to use it for 1 year.

6. Judges will be me,  Why Me, St. Lidwina (aka @rinksidedamned), Jenny Hall of Ice Charades (FB) (Also-- buy the book!), and Josette Plank of Halushki and Josette's Awesome Figure Skating Group.

6. Product will stay on the store for one year, or longer if it's popular (store is wildly successful. I've sold 3 whole items).

7. You can't enter if you're related to me, but you can enter if you know me. Nobody works for me, so no worries on that front! Oh, except my designer, so, sorry Chris, you don't get to enter. But I'll plug your blog for you to make up for it!

8. Link, and repost, and all that stuff!

I strongly encourage everyone to suck up to the judges by subscribing to and commenting on their blogs.

Have fun! Can't wait to see everyone's ideas!


  1. I love that you're a figure skater, every time I think about it I smile. Great contest, I know nothing of skating except watching it on the winter olympics :)

  2. Damn! And I had my entry all ready!

    I pride myself in knowing my saints (look where I work) but I had never heard of St. Lidwina. Thank you, Google! I'll try to drop that into conversation the next time I'm at party.


  3. What a great idea! I always get a kick out of reading people t-shirts! I will certainly try to think of something entertaining, and I can't wait to see the other submissions!

    Good luck everyone!


  4. Are there colour restrictions? I know sometimes designs with more than black, or black + 1 colour can come in pricey at print, so I was wondering if you had a limit on that front?


    1. Shirt will be produced by CafePress, which can pretty much do what you send them, but there are sometimes quality issues with them, so I'd go simpler rather than complex. Can't wait to see it!