Jan 1, 2012

My skating goals for 2012

I won't call them "resolutions" although I suppose that's what they are, but here's what I want to do this year. The first one never made it onto the list, because it happened already. I'll be working as the main on-ice coach for North Suburban Special Recreation, in their "SPICE" program (Special People's ICe skating Experience). I'm very excited about this opportunity--it's tailor-made for my skills and interests. Here's what else is (with hope) happening in 2012:

Launch the upgraded site on WordPress
Target date January 15, but it depends on my designer, whose computer blew up about a month ago; she just got back up and running this week. They two sites will exist side-by-side for about a month, and then we'll switch over to WordPress entirely.

Register Xanboni as a USFS Basic Skills program
I'm not part of a skating school anymore but I'd still like to give my students, most of whom also don't skate within an established program, all the bells and whistles, and most importantly the stickers offered by this program, as well being able to do the tests for them. (And yes, regular readers will know that I like ISI better, but they won't let me register unless I'm an entire facility. And while my hips are wider than I'd like, I'm not quite that big yet.)

Keep Xanboni Homeschoolers going
My home school program filled right up, and I've got nearly everyone re-upped for the first session of 2012. I had two classes for the first endeavor; my hope for this is to fill 4 classes. I also need a summer home, as our current rink closes at the end of May.

Start Xanboni Adults
If you've ever sent me an email, and you're in Chicago, watch your in-box for a survey about the best way to do this. Either daytime at an indoor rink or Sunday afternoon outside!

I've signed up to take a class with my old friend Liz. It's been four years and 2 broken bones since I last really skated, so this should be, um, interesting.

I've cheated a little bit, because all of these things are in progress.  Thanks for a GREAT 2nd year of Xanboni.

Let me know what you're doing in 2012, and keep those post ideas coming!


  1. Pass the preliminary and Pre-bronze dances this year, and start on the Hick Ho.

    Oh, and the traditional 'lose the extra weight'. If I don't, I'll never get an edge pull.

  2. Congrats to you on your new adventures! It sounds like you've found that open window after the closed door.

    I'm not a skater, but my goals are to keep my mouth shut in the lobby, and steer clear of the "mom squad" gossip. :)

  3. Happy 2012 to you, Xan!

    My goals are to get back into competing, skate a clean program, land my axel, and to always remember how lucky I am to have the opportunities that I do and have fun!

  4. sk8rmomp, I would resolve to keep my mouth shut, but I know that it's pointless.

  5. My goals: pass the adult pre-bronze mif and fs tests. Your goals are great, and I wish you all the best with them! Happy new year.

  6. Xan, I am really trying hard, and it's only the 4th day of the year...I might have to agree with you on that...