Apr 4, 2012

Why do figure skaters wear suspenders?

There were so many skaters at Worlds in suspenders this year that it just SCREAMED for a contest.  Here's what my tweeps came up with:

alijolly 6:49am via Web
A: so you can hang them up neatly when they have finished skating

LePigeonBercy 12:45pm via Web
A: Next to Olympic Gold, every skater covets a Nick Verreos skating fashion mention. Suspenders give you that 'edge'.

A: To increase their chance of having a SportsCenter worthy costume malfunction. ;-)

A: to hold up their pants

And my own answer:
A: To hold up their scores

And the winner:
@annmjensen 6:48am via Echofon
A:  to cover nipple piercings
Thank you for not being afraid to really go out there. Also for destroying my innocence. I hope children, and the skater's mothers, aren't reading this. (But I will NEVER look at Jeremy Abbott the same way ever again.) Ann, send your mailing information to coachxan@xanboni.com.

Bonus prize for the first commenter to correctly list ALL of the contestants in all four disciplines at Worlds who wore suspenders. Deadline is now May 1, since I'm not getting any entries!


  1. Jeremy Abbott, Javier Fernandez, Samuel Contesti, Javier Raya, Alex Shibutani, Márton Markó

    1. Points for catching the skater who didn't get past the qualifying, however, this is not all of them (I *told* you there were a lot!). Keep trying everyone!

  2. To emulate their favorite skater. Yup, DS is wearing suspenders this year. No matter how hard I tried to dissuade him. He's wanted to for two years.

    He is also dying to wear the open bow tie at the neck, I told him that suspenders and the bow tie would be too much in the short. His LP is medieval, so that won't work LOL. He's disappointed.

    Too bad he's asleep, he would probably be right on the contest.

    I think he would be perfectly happy to build a program around the accessories. LOL.

  3. This does make me laugh - in the UK suspenders are the things that hold stockings up..ie ladies underwear. What you call suspenders we call braces!

    1. We call those "garters." And here they tell us we speak the same language.

  4. Abbott, Fernandez, Verner, Shibutani, Contesti, Raya, Marko ... ?

    1. This is what I found. Does anyone have another? Criss-crossed straps and appliques don't count. If I don't hear of any others before next Friday, Jen's our winner! Send your shipping address to coachxan@xanboni.com.