Oct 18, 2009

An anecdote

Sisters in the same level, one is 6 the other is 8. The 8 year old gets the skills and actually skips a level. The 6 year old moves up just one level. (Let me emphasize that both kids move up at least one level.) The mother is incensed, and tells me, "I promised her they would both pass up two levels." (Based on what, lady? Your 20 years experience teaching figure skating? This work for grade school too?)

She then says to the child, but while looking at me, "don't worry sweetie. We'll talk to that other coach, and he'll pass you."

Next class, Dad comes in with both girls, and says to the new coach, "I'm a lawyer, and she better pass up a level by the end of the week." Or what, you'll sue?

Whatever folks.

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