Oct 22, 2009

Who do I ask?

Where is skating advice on the web?

There are some yahoo groups geared to coaches, although activity seems to have tapered off lately. Haven't been able to find one for parents of figure skaters. Figure Skating Universe has some useful forums; although it's mostly a fan site, there are skaters on there. As I've noted before, US Figure Skating and ISI (see side bar for links) have lots of useful information for parents and skaters, but ISI heavily sells membership, and USFS info, even on the Basic Skills page, is heavily invested in steering skaters into testing and competing, and the parent advice is skewed toward parents of competitive skaters and private lesson coaches.

There are some interesting coaches' blogs, but to me they look like advertising sites for those coaches (My technique is great! I have written a book! Buy this product that I invested in/invented! Click on my ads!)

And then there's me. As far as I have been able to find, this is the only blog up right now written by someone whose main coaching interest is group lessons and recreational skaters, that is geared to the kinds of questions that I wish someone had been answering for me (or even that I should have been asking) when I started this journey.

Has anyone found other blogs written by skating coaches? Post the links in the responses. (Seriously, please post responses!) Thanks.


  1. I'm surprised you didn't mention SkatingForums (http://skatingforums2.com/).

  2. Probably because two years ago, when I wrote this, I didn't know about it. Thank you for adding it; always looking for new resources.