Oct 6, 2009

Welcome to XanBoni

I got the skating bug as an adult, a consequence of my 3-year old daughter's refusal to participate in the mom-and-tot class.  She sat on the ice playing with the toys, and I learned how to skate.

Years later, I was in a beginning jump class and asked the teacher what was wrong with a particular jump.  She looked at it, shrugged in complete disinterest and said, "I dunno."  Well, I thought, I couldn't possibly be any worse as a skating teacher, so maybe I'll try this.

I started by volunteering with the tots in annual ice shows, and then helping out in tot and beginner adult classes.  I learned about local skating seminars, at one of which the instructor asked "who wants to do this for a living" and I thought, well, I do.  So here I am.

I've been teaching, including the volunteer time, since 1999, and in 2002 quit my full-time executive position so I could devote more of my life to skating.  I don't know what sorts of things will end up here, but I hope that parents, kids, skaters and other coaches can find something to help them.

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