Apr 18, 2011

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Competition as a learning technique for 3 to 5 year olds
What, exactly, are you trying to teach them?

Where do you put US figure skating patches
Well, my daughter's are in a ziplock bag in my closet. I am absolutely convinced that someday she will thank me for saving them. (With any luck she won't find out that because trophies won't fit in ziplock bags, those have all been discarded.) But a lot of kids put them on their warm up jackets, which I think looks pretty cool.

Putting white skates on your little boy
Only do this if there are other obvious indications that it's a boy. This helps the teacher. If the question is "will kids make fun of him if he's in white skates," the answer is first, no and second if you're worried about it, get some shoe polish. If the question is actually "will white figure skates make my son gay" then please get counseling before you continue being a parent.

Establishing boundaries between coach and athlete/coach relationship student cross line/ice skating coaches that cross the line
These three were within about 10 minutes of each other. Someone needs to have a serious discussion with their coach. Also, I hope the kid is okay.

Do kids play hockey and figure skating lessons together?
Yes. It's especially useful for hockey players to take figure skating lessons, because hockey programs tend to be weak on skating skills development (they focus on rules, stick/puck handling & scoring, and speed/agility and seem to just hope that the skills develop). I just got a new student whose mom put them in hockey to help them be tougher and less skittish on the ice, which sounds good to me.

How many hours practice before you test the American Waltz skating
How good a skater are you?

Should I let my son carry on learn ice skating or not
Does he like figure skating? (See also above, "will white skates make my son gay.")

Can you skip a level in ice skating
In lessons, yes. In testing, no. You must test every level in order in both ISI and USFS.

What question do you have that I can make fun of? (Oh, I'm kidding, you know I love you.)


  1. How do i report a coach to the psa. today i saw a coach blatantly lie to her student about the student getting her axe.l it was just a waltz jump a cheated waltz jump at that and the coach screamed you got your axel. i have seen her do this to several talented and would be great skaters. i cant sit back and watch this anymore

  2. This is not something to report to PSA. In fact, unless it's your kid, you just kind of have to grit your teeth and bite your tongue. If you spread this story around the rink, I would certainly not condone that method of making sure that people know that this coach should not be getting students.

    Next question-- how do you cheat a waltz jump?

  3. Its pretty hard but i guess this kid managed to do it haha

  4. trophies discarded, really?

    My daughter puts all of her figure skating patches, ribbons from gym, medals from swimming and ice skating competitions, everything she has earned in any kind of classes or competitions - on a wall in her room. (However, she saves only things that she had to "earn", but not, say, a ribbon that say "cute Halloween costume" that a teacher gave to every kid in a class.) She has quite a collection for a 5 year old, and loves to show it to her friends and guests. So far she has only one trophy, and it too, is there, of course. I can't imagine throwing it away!

  5. "Next question-- how do you cheat a waltz jump?"

    Pivot on toe, do not leave ground?

    By the time the 5 year old is 18, you may have so many awards you won't want them.

  6. Ahah-- the "waltz tip toe"

    Re Trophies: wait until she's 18 and has about 40 of them. I kept the ones from Regionals/Nationals and trashed the rest the second she stepped out of the house after high school.

  7. A while ago I was searching competition stuff. Mainly how parents should act at a competition. I.e., not telling the poor skater that getting last is a waste of money.

  8. Ahah-- you're wasting my money is an oldie but goodie. But unless you know the background, it's hard to condemn those parents. For all we know, the kid blows off practice and then expects to do well anyway.

  9. One of my medals is for second place but I was one of two skaters (one of the judges placed me first; two did not). I didn't know if I should be proud of it or not. When I mentioned this to a friend he told me "You showed up didn't you? You practiced enough that you were able to compete in that division. That is big. That is something to be proud of. Most people don't even make it that far." So now I am very proud of my silver medal.

  10. @ Baffled- I just came in last in my category at adult nationals and my husband pointed out the same thing. I'm incedibly proud that I went in the first place (and didn't fall!), and with the supportive crowd and that attitude, last place feels like first place. I don't really have a point to this other than bragging but I think a silver medal is awesome!

  11. I've heard lots of skaters say their goal at Adult Nationals is to not be last. I'm working so hard to even be eligible to GO to Adult nationals, that I'll gladly "take one for the team" and come in last, so that no one else has to. I just want to be there!

    Xan- I loved all your answers. Our rink has a thriving skate trade and we have quite a few boys in white skates, and even a few girls in black skates. If the skates fit- wear 'em!

    Congratulations orangechiffon on getting to nationals, skating, and not falling :)

  12. Thanks Skittl! It was so much fun, hope to see you there sometime!

    Okay Xan, I've got a dumb question you can make fun of- there are a few competitions in my area that have "invitational" at the end of their title. What does this mean? Do you literally get an invitation in the mail?

  13. orangechiffon- Congrats on skating Nationals! What event? We'll catch you on icenetwork.com. A Dance team from our rink got the bronze in one of the events (can't remember which one); it's all pretty exciting!

    ...and that is a very good question. I have no idea-- have to research that a little!

  14. In gymnastics- invitationals used to mean only certain clubs were invited to participate in the event, but over time they became open events, just kept the names. I wonder if skating is like that too.

  15. Bronze ladies 1! I haven't watched it myself yet, waiting for the price on icenetwork to drop. I finally had a look at the event pictures though, they are incredibly helpful. I am wondering what on earth my arms are doing and why I am visibly leaning midair on jumps. More stuff to work on!

  16. Yay! I made a note, I'll try to watch later today.