Apr 25, 2011

Welcome to summer ice

120 skaters, 10 hours of ice daily. The form is a 3 pages long grid, including black-out dates. Literally. Here's a hilarious conversation about it from Facebook.

R (mom)-Is it just me, or are the practice ice forms even more confusing than they've been in the past? WTF, I have to do maths now? ARGH.

A- See what you get for encouraging your kid?

P (dad)-If Tuesday = (x3/y2) - 7z, and z = minutes on ice, solve for cost.


P- If a skater begins lessons in March at level 1 and is in level 10 by the following February, what has cost more in that time: general lessons, private lessons, gasoline burned getting to lessons, or psychiatrist/alcohol bills for coaches dealing with skater who has been bumped up too quickly?

R-You missed the variables of cheap skates and glitter.

A-Don't forget amount spent on brownies at the snack bar.


  1. That is hysterical!

    We have nothing like this at our rink, so it always cracks me up to read about how complicated it is at other rinks.

    (Of course those complicated places have ice time, which is something figure skating doesn't get much of at our rink!)

  2. "120 skaters, 10 hours of ice daily. The form is a 3 pages long grid, including black-out dates."

    At least it is all online now!

  3. Anon-- thanks! Completely forgot about that.

    Skittl-- I get the best ideas from FB convos.

  4. At least you don't have to stand in line to get your lottery number like we used to do at Wilmette AND still have the complex grid of patch and freestyle times by week.

  5. Wow, and at my rink we're freaking out about a change from pay cash on the day to coach system to buying coupons in advance system! Good thing we don't have different levels or types of ice to worry about! just patch (practice ice) for everyone from beginners doing swizzles to kids doing double jumps and flying spins.