Apr 5, 2011

Well, you're spinning, um, I guess

Here are some alternate spin positions that I have observed in class:

The Racoon
Arms folded straight up at elbows, with hands held palm out and slightly cupped directly in front of shoulders.

The Wolverine
Arms straight out to the sides, spinning as fast as possible: imagine Wolverine's adamantium claws slicing off heads as you spin.

The Zombie
Shoulders twisted, one arm up, one arm elbow out and down, hands in random claw-like position. A wild look in your eye helps this one.

Bride of Frankenstein
Arms held straight in front, with hands drooping

The Dead Fish
Arms out to sides, like the Wolverine, but hands flopping. For better effect, also bend your elbows slightly.

Oo oo call on me!
One arm over your head

The Tyrannosaurus
Arms held very bent, with hands pressed fingers down directly against chest.

Please Jesus don't let me fall
Hands palm to palm

The Spear Thrower
One arm bent as though holding a javelin, other arm stretched out to side

I'll just wait here while you spin
Arms straight out from shoulders, but bent elbows hanging down (as though leaning against something about chest high)

Let's see how dizzy I can get
Head tipped back so you can watch the ceiling (alternate version: eyes closed)

I love myself the best
Arms wrapping as far around body as possible
Don't ask


  1. Xan, I hope to see the jumps version of Jurassic Park on Ice! (I am yet to figure out where my arms disappear to during jumps, lol)

  2. I spun with my eyes closed when I first tstarted skating. I did the same thing in dance until I learned how to spot. I knew skaters didn't spot, so eyes closed seemed like the best idea.

    I'm trying to start a lean back (will never "lay" back)- so the looking up at the ceiling is my current practice.

    I also started naturally with a backspin until the instructor told me it was WRONG and I should have been on the other leg. I wish she would have just encouraged me to practice both, because when it was finally time to do the backspin, it was horribly difficult. Since it was my natural inclination, it would have been nice if it was developed from the beginning.

  3. you forgot to mention the "peeing dog" - when one leg is bent at the knee and at the hip (to make a 90 degrees angle between the leg and the torso) as the leg makes its way up and tries to cross the spinning leg...

  4. I did forget that one! That's a classic!

  5. Haha, my coach has given my spins a few names based on my body placements (when I do it wrong) ... I tell him I'm trying to get extra points for choreography, and he tells me to do the spin right first, haha. The two most common:

    Super Mario Brothers-
    Sometimes in my scratch spin, I go so fast that I can't think about my arms so they go up and down super fast...

    One arm bent over head and the other arm bent like cradling something... this happens whenever I don't pay attention